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Installation Guide

This is a general guide on what is required to make a RangeBay concrete base.

Please seek advice where necessary and use highly trained and qualified workmen to construct the concrete base.

Note – your own health and safety and risk assessments must be observed at all time.

Step 1

RangeBay concrete base construction stage 1

Mark out the area using the recommended RangeBay base dimensions (this figure will depend on the amount of bays). A string line and level will help you square it up. A 3 tonne digger and dumper will then be needed to excavate the ground.

Step 2

RangeBay Concrete Base step 2

When the excavation is complete. Affix shuttering around the perimeter ready for the hardcore then concrete

Step 3

Whacker Plate on hardcore for RangeBay base

Hardcore is then put in with dumper. It is then leveled and whacked using a whacker plate to compact it together.

Step 4

RangeBay Step 5

Check reinforced mesh to see it fits

Step 5

RangeBay Concrete Base

When hardcore is level and whacked add Visquine and mesh

Step 6

RangeBay Concrete Base

Dumper used to transport materials e.g. hardcore, concrete

Step 7

RangeBay Concrete Base

Concrete is tamped to get finished working surface

Step 8

RangeBay Concrete Base

Tamping complete. The concrete base is now finished

Step 9

RangeBay Concrete Base Construction

Bunting and Barrier for safety to pedestrians and to allow concrete to dry. Recommended to leave the concrete 3 – 4 days before fitting the RangeBay