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Technical Drawings

Concrete Base Guide

Two Bay Driving Range Bay Slab Dimensions

RangeBay 2 bay Base Dimensions

Suggested Slab Dimensions

All dimensions in mm

Minimum of 2 inches of hardcore / stone, dependent on ground conditions (please take independent advice on this matter)

Refinforced Mesh Panels

Minimum of 6 inches of concrete poured over the reinforced mesh.

RangeBay Concrete base diagram

Spec of reinforced mesh panel

Square Mesh Fabric (200mm x 200mm)

Type BS Reference Mesh Sizes Nominal Pitch of Wires Wire Sizes Cross Sectional Area per Metre Width Weight per m2 Sheets per tonne Sheet Weight Main Cross Main Cross Main Cross
A252 200 mm 200 mm 8 mm 8 mm 252 mm 252 mm 3.95 kg 22 45.5 kg

Side Profile of RangeBay

Side view of concrete base

3D View of Concrete Base

3D view of concrete Base